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Non-Contact Voltage Tester

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  • Size: 16 x 3.5 x 3 cm
  • Test without physical contact: simply place the tip near a socket, a terminal strip, or a power cable. When the tip glows red and beeps with the pen, you know that tension is there. This handy circuit tester and continuity tester fits electricians and homeowners, also could test the voltage of all devices in your family.
  • Adjustable sensitivity: adjustable sensitivity for more sensitive and flexible measurements. Press the S button to adjust the sensitivity, standard and low voltage (12-1000 V AC / 48-1000 V AC). The probe NVC sensor automatically detects the voltage and displays it on the LCD screen. Up to 8 bar diagrams on the HD LCD screen for easy interpretation/display. The screen lights up red or green to distinguish live/zero wire.
  • Multifunctional, easy to use: with white LED torch, high brightness, low power consumption, you can illuminate the work area in the dark. Lighting and probe for easy measurement, buzzer alarm loud, sound, light and triple alarms on the screen for testing. The acoustic voltage display beeps at a higher frequency. The higher the measured voltage or the closer the voltage source is.
  • Safe and durable: IEC CAT III 1000 V CAT IV 600 V, meets CE requirements, fireproof ABS material ensures more safety. Double isolation / high voltage alarm for voltages above 90V - the screen will turn red and the safety symbol on the screen. 2 AA batteries are included.
  • 【Auto Shut-Off and Portable Pen Hook】 After about 3 minutes, no operation or signal detection is required. The voltage detector automatically turns off to extend the life of the battery and save energy. Low power indicator when battery voltage is below 2.5 V. With unique EU patent: with the practical portable pencil hook, you can easily pull it out and carry it easily. 3 year warranty